Seldarine is the home to a large clan of Wood Elves in the High Forest. The city is build amongst huge oak trees in the canopy far above the ground and well camouflaged so as to be almost impossible to find unless you know where to look.

Normally Seldarine is run by a council of elven Elders, however an elven woman named Valenthe Celebrian has risen to power amongst the Elders and has had the council dissolved. Valenthe now stands as the sole leader of Seldarine and has enacted martial law, slowly stripping individual freedoms from the citizens of Seldarine.

Former Council Members:

Aelrindel Tellynnan: male; oldest council member; cautious to a point of inaction
Elashar Obryn: male; youngest member of the council; hot-headed; rash
Meriel Nightstar: female; quiet; incredibly intelligent
Keerla Olyrnn: female; pacifist
Tarathiel Amalith: male;


There are currently 30 guards on duty (15 at any one time) and 10 Elite Guards employed by Valenthe and trained by Lythrana for her personal protection.


Tavern: Run by Keishara Ellarian, early middle-aged elf, jet black hair, town gossip.

Fletcher: Nuala Evanara, female elf, has heard the legend of DĂșlinnor’s Gloom hidden somewhere in Hellgate Keep and will relay the story to D if he shows any interest.

Temple: Moondaughter Alwen oversees the Temple of Selune. The temple is formed from a canopy of leaves and branches. Small blue orbs of light provide a dim glow within the temple. There are no services here. It is a quiet place of peace and reflection where the elven people can meditate and leave small offerings to Selune.

Blacksmith: Kelvhan Mistriven; cocky, punctual, terse.


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