Zevriel's mother and leader of the rebel resistance.


Calembres is the the Archdruid within the High Forest. She left her city of Seldarine after Valenthe took over and began making changes to the city. Personal freedom became limited, with more laws being enacted and brutally enforced every day. Valenthe’s paranoia and her insistence on forcing a more “High Elf” way of life on the people of Seldarine quickly forced a small group of Wood Elves to flee the city and make a new life in the wilds.

Unable to sit by and watch her people suffer such tyranny, Calembres began training a small group of resistance fighters to infiltrate the city and slowly chip away at Valenthe’s rule. Styling herself as “The Jade Fox”, her fighters have become a persistent bane to Valenthe’s goals. Her identity is closely guarded, and only a handful of her closest warriors know her true identity. A large bounty has been placed on Calembres head.

Calembres even by elf standards looks young for her advanced age. She is slight built with long flowing copper hair with leaves and vines braided into it. She wears robes of green with brown leaf embroidery that fit tightly against her upper body, but flow loose around her legs. On the surface, she seems flighty and almost juvenile, but when provoked, she becomes deadly serious and filled with fiery passion that is difficult to tame.

Calembres lives in a small hut in a heavily wooded area of High Forest a few miles south east of Seldarine with her husband, Lumornaer. Her choice of location and her ability to speak with local wildlife has kept her dwelling hidden completely from Seldarine patrols.


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