Laeral Silverhand – (human female) Current (returned) Open Lord of Waterdeep. There are currently 12 suspected Lords of Waterdeep, but how many there truly are, no one knows. Only 4 (including Laeral) ever appear in public at any one time.

Vajra Safahr – (human female) Current Blackstaff (Archmage of Waterdeep)

Master Mariners’ Guild – A guild of increasing power in Waterdeep as the city continues to regain it’s once legendary naval power.

Agents of the Eye – Thieves Guild operated by Xanathar, a beholder, in Skullport (below the City).

Shadow Thieves largest thieves guild along the Sword Coast. Currently attempting to reestablish themselves in Waterdeep.

Paladins of Kelemvor become involved.*

Summer Solstice is approaching as the characters come into Waterdeep, thus Z will be able to find the temple to Selune, and perform a ritual.


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