Female Wood Elf Druid; Level 1

Longbow, Longsword


From the High Forest, Zevriel is unaware what awaits her, a special rite. Her parents Xamera & Kaelvier, once elders of the Sylvari Guild, were cast out of the elders because they couldn’t agree and adhere to the wishes of the clan. The guild, a lawfully good group of elders, believed that every elf should operate upon the same set of codes and laws, leaving no room for moral ambiguity.

Because Xamera was with child whilst an elder, her child was, by law, entitled to a place in the guild, even if his parents were to be cast out. When the day came that she was to give birth, it was revealed that not one, but two children would eventually bear the mark of the Sylvari Elder. A twin brother and sister were born. Their mother and father, Xamera and Kaelvier, decided that because they were rushed from the guild, they would keep the rite of the children a secret.

A fellow hunter and friend D.E. Adpool, always by her side, Zevriel takes on monsters most would only dream of in their sleep. But why did she go from High Born Elder, to a mere child, and then a Hunter? The loss of her brother Dariel at the age of 18 months was what drove Zevriel to become a Hunter. She was determined to find out who the Demon was that took her brothers life, and she would not stop until she succeeded. this journey would not be for the faint of heart, and surely Zevriel knew that she had to be strong, wise, and smart in order to reach her journey’s end alive.

Her Mother, a druid wood elf, taught Zevriel the ways of the Old whilst growing up. Zevriel learned how to make potions, medicines, cast spells and gained a vast amount of knowledge of worldly things along the way. Some of those things being some of the very monsters that threatened the people of the High Forest. Her Father was a Hunter for her entire childhood, so it goes without saying that Zevirel was ready for the past of avenging her brothers death. It has been 17 long and grueling years of training, learning and hunting in the High Forest for Zevriel, but her life quest has only just begun. She is the Druid Wood Elf, protective Sylvari Elder and savior of the High Forest.


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