Half Orc Witch Doctor of the Thunderbeast Clan.


While Muzgaash does not lead the tribe, very few decisions are made without his input. Also any religious matters are under his purview. He decides the parameters of ritual fights, and also decides who is allowed to undergo the ritual to become an Aspect of Malar (a werewolf) – the Rite of the Blood Moon.

Muzgaash carries a stout staff topped with a human skull. Hanging from the skull are several thigh bones that shake and clatter as he walks. He is old, far older than most half-orcs live to be. He is heavily scarred and he is missing one eye which he leaves uncovered, mostly for dramatic effect. He lost the eye from being chosen to be an Eye of Gruumsh, when he was still with his orc tribe. In a gruesome ritual, he carved out his own eye to prove his loyalty to Grummsh. He was disgraced and lost his place in the tribe and was banished.

Muzgaash will decide that the new Alpha will be chosen through a task or challenge, rather than through combat.


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